We are the platform for digital property management

Fairwalter is an innovative B2B2C platform that enables landlords, owners, tenants and service providers to work together smoothly.

Our customers more than double their productivity thanks to automated processes without media disruption, make better decisions based on data and have more satisfied employees and customers thanks to intuitive usability.

Fairwalter was able to gain customers with > CHF 800 million AuM within a few months and we can hardly wait to introduce you to our latest features!

The Team

We are a young and ambitious team working out of Zurich on a common vision: to lead real estate management into a new, digital age where processes are automated, all parties work together on one platform and all data is available for better decisions.

Would you like to take on responsibility for a subdivision and grow together with us every day to meet growing challenges?
Alain Veuve
Chair & Investor
Alexander Sanders
Investor & Advisor
Faton Caka
Filip Trajkovski
full-stack developer
Max Wirz
Co-Founder, CEO
Natasha Bencze
delivery specialist
Severin Maegerle
Co-Founder, CPO
Simon Jutz
Co-Founder, Full-Stack Developer
Timea Küng
delivery specialist
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