For service providers

Offer your services through Fairwalter and reduce your administrative workload for scheduling and billing.

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The digital management solution

Brokers, craftsmen, caretakers or trustees can also have access to Fairwalter.

As Fairwalter has a sophisticated role model, each user can be assigned his own profile, with which he only has access to very specific functions. For example, a trustee can keep the accounts, but cannot draw up contracts or terminate tenants.

So if you would like to work as a service provider through Fairwalter, we would be pleased to hear from you. We will be happy to record your details so that we can recommend you to our clients if required.

Of course you can also invite your existing customers to Fairwalter.

The advantages of Fairwalter
  • Simple operation
  • Modern and professional digital solution for all your customers
  • Access to all data even on the road
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Open a test account today and start recording your first property within minutes. Fairwalter does not require any complicated account setup, but everything is ready for you when you register. And if you still like Fairwalter after 30 days, you can deposit your credit card and seamlessly continue where you left off.

Of course you can also ask us for an annual account and pay by bank transfer.
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