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The digital management solution

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it is also more and more important for administrations not to lose touch. With Fairwalter you can do just that; cost-effectively and flexibly push ahead with digitisation and at the same time rely on the latest technologies. The extensive possibilities to enter your mandates in Fairwalter and the web-based technology allow you to have the right information always at hand. No matter whether the owner, tradesman or tenant is talking to you.

In addition, Fairwalter is also designed in terms of interfaces so that new services and services can be integrated easily and quickly, thus enabling Fairwalter's possibilities to grow steadily.

Thanks to the clear design and process-oriented structure, you have a continuous overview of the current status of the entire portfolio. This means that you can easily represent your colleagues in an emergency, and in the end your tenants also benefit.

The advantages of Fairwalter
  • Simple operation
  • All data digitised and always available
  • Prepared for interfaces with other services
  • All key figures available at any time
  • Assign tasks, authorizations & responsibilities
  • Better overview and transparency of processes and tasks
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Open a test account today, register your first property and invite your work colleagues. With Fairwalter there is no need for installation and setup. With your registration everything is ready for you. And if you want to continue after 30 days, you can deposit your credit card and seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Of course you can also ask us for an annual statement and pay by bank transfer.
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optimal rent

Fairwalter suggests the optimum rent for letting and shows potential returns on existing contracts across the portfolio.

This handbook on rent optimisation was created as a waste product, so to speak. You will learn how and, above all, why the admissible rent is derived from reference interest rates, consumer prices, inflation and value-adding investments and when you, as a landlord, are allowed to adjust the rent to the market level. The guide also contains detailed instructions for rent increases, dunning procedures and much more.

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